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Memramcook / Taylor Village off-roading trip

published 07/09/2022 in Drone | tags : Drone, Panoramic, Memramcook, NB, Blueberries, Pit

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Road trip to Memramcook, NB

During the weekend, I took a trip out to Memramcook to visit the Taylor Village with my family, to our small Blueberry field, and I had brought the drone out to play.

Here’s a neat panoramic photo, you should be able to scroll around and spin the image.

Some footage from the drone flight at the blueberry field.

Further down the road I met up with some relatives and took some aerial footage of some of our family’s camps, and the nice sandy beach in Taylor village.

And finally a bonus, giant pit just off the side of the road, that was used to barge out quarry stones back in the day.

Some pictures taken while walking along the beach looking for fossils.