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🖳 Projects

An unsorted list of past and present projects I’ve worked on.

  • AMDFan

    Fan controller for AMD video cards in Linux

    Image of AMDFan running
  • py3status-http-monitor

    Monitor HTTP applications or services in i3wm

    Image of http_monitor
  • py3status-cpu-governor

    Shows the governor state that your CPU is currently in.

    Image of cpu governor
  • py3status-github-notifications

    Show Github notifications on your py3status bar in i3wm

    Image of notifications Showing when you don't have notifications
  • py3status-amdfan

    Uses amdfan as a library to display temperature and fan RPM’s in an i3bar with py3status

    Image of py3status-amdfan
  • py3status-ups-battery-status

    Show the currently reported state from a UPS battery in i3wm py3status bar

    Image of the battery status
  • Synth Shell

    Fancy bash prompt I use, added terraform workspace and Python VirtualEnv support.

    Synthshell logo
  • noita save manager

    Save file manager for Noita that works in Linux and Windows.

    Image of noita save manager
  • pygauntlet

    Small top down shooter, that uses bulletml, opengl and cocos3d

  • pyDF

    Dwarf fortress clone written in Python

    Image from my dwarf fortress clone
  • falling_everything_py

    Nolla’s physics engine “Falling everything” but written in Python

    Animation of the falling everything in python
  • gwar-bot

    Simple Twitch bot with Gwar quotes for a friends channel

  • discobot

    Discord bot written for a friends server.

  • PyFeed

    QT5 RSS feed reader

    image of PyFeed in action!
  • FeedPy

    QT4 RSS feed reader

  • qt meta char

    Cyberpunk NPC generator (For the table top RPG)

  • pyglet shooter

    2d shooter written with pyglet and bulletml

  • pyTB

    Turn based, roguelike written in Python

    Image of pyTB
  • REZD

    OpenGL recreation of NetRunner (1996) cardgame. Multiplayer client / server and deck-builder.

    Image of REZD Second image of REZD
  • jshooter

    First project in PyGame and Python, top down 2d shooter

    Image of jshooter in action
  • small rl

    Small roguelike written with libtcod

    Image of small rl second image or small rl