Recovering from failed terraform apply

published on ūüďÖ 06/09/2023 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, terraform, Devops

Quick post on how to recover from a failed terraform apply

Taking the drone out in Bayers Lake, early spring 2023

published on ūüďÖ 15/04/2023 |¬†tags : Drone, Lakes, Bayers, Sunny, Jeep, Nova-Scotia

Just taking a quick spin around with the Drone in Bayers Lake, Nova Scotia.

Out with the drone in Shediac New Brunswick Easter weekend 2023

published on ūüďÖ 08/04/2023 |¬†tags : Drone, Shediac, Beach, Sunset, Jeep, New-Brunswick

Out with the drone in Shediac New Brunswick Easter weekend 2023

Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian

published on ūüďÖ 26/11/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Obsidian, Syncthing, Onyx, Boox, Android

Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian on a Boox Onyx, Android phone, Linux desktop and Server

Hurricane Fiona

published on ūüďÖ 25/09/2022 |¬†tags : Hurricane, Fiona, Broken Trees, No Power

Just an update on hurricane Fiona in my neck of the woods.

Out off-roading in Tantallon Nova-Scotia, taking a look at a couple wild campsites

published on ūüďÖ 18/09/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Camping, Wild, Lakes, Ponds, Jeep, Nova-Scotia

Off-roading in Tantallon NS, taking a look at a couple wild campsites

Bayers Lake Droning

published on ūüďÖ 10/09/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Panoramic, NS, Bayers, Lake, Construction

A panoramic view of the construction site at Bayers Lake in Halifax, taken while flying my drone around the lakes.

Stable-Diffusion on Amd cards with rocm on Arch Linux

published on ūüďÖ 09/09/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, AMD, rocm, stable-diffusion, AI, ML

Experimenting with Stable-Diffusion with my AMD card on Arch Linux with rocm.

Memramcook / Taylor Village off-roading trip

published on ūüďÖ 07/09/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Panoramic, Memramcook, NB, Blueberries, Pit

A trip to Memramcook, NB to visit the Taylor Village and do some off-roading.

Terrence Bay River outing with the Drone

published on ūüďÖ 28/08/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Dji, Terrence Bay River, Halifax

Terrence Bay River outing with the Drone

Second Drone Flight!

published on ūüďÖ 27/08/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Dji, Mini, Halifax, Bayers

Just a quick clip of my second drone flight with the mini drone.

Installing Lineage on my Pixel 2xl

published on ūüďÖ 24/08/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, LineageOS, Pixel, Android

Overview of how to install Lineage on my Pixel 2xl

Sign your git commits with ssh keys instead of gpg

published on ūüďÖ 23/08/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Git, Github, Signing, SSH, GPG, Verified

How to sign your git commits with SSH instead of GPG

First Drone Flight / Off-Roading

published on ūüďÖ 23/08/2022 |¬†tags : Drone, Off-Roading, Flight, KDEnlive, Jeep

My first drone flight off-roading.


published on ūüďÖ 05/08/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Games, Steam, Proton, SteamDeck, Python

Quick script to nab the latest Proton GE version, can be run from your SteamDeck.

vImDE - NeoVim Integrated Development Environment

published on ūüďÖ 04/08/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Nvim, Vim, Plugins, Python, Telescope

NeoVim IDE, I put together somewhat recently and some folks were asking me to post about it.

Ever want streams in your launcher (Rofi)?

published on ūüďÖ 18/07/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Rofi, Twitch, Launcher, i3

Here’s how I setup my Rofi and used wtwitch and mpv to play streams.

Dracula and FzF (fuzzy finder) for some shenanigans in the console

published on ūüďÖ 08/05/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Bash, Fzf, Dracula

fzf with some Dracula colors and some fun console shenanigans.

Steam Deck Gotted!

published on ūüďÖ 17/03/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Steam, Steamdeck, Gaming

First thoughts and impressions of using the Steamdeck. spoilers it’s amazing!

Elden Ring on Linux (offline mode)

published on ūüďÖ 24/02/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Elden Ring #100DaysToOffload

Elden Ring on Linux (offline mode)

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan releases

published on ūüďÖ 24/02/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Python, AMD, GPU, Fans

Amdfan updated to support Py-Yaml 6.0, and py3status-amdfan updated to use Amdfan 0.1.17

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan releases

published on ūüďÖ 30/01/2022 |¬†tags : Linux, Python, AMD, GPU, Fans

Amdfan updated to Python 3.10 and Rich 11.1, and py3status updated to use Amdfan 0.1.16

Advent of Code 2021

published on ūüďÖ 30/12/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, AOC, AdventOfCode, #100DaysToOffload, copilot, github

Just my entries into the advent of code 2021, been busy with these.

Newsboat, yt-dlp and mpv

published on ūüďÖ 02/11/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Newsboat, RSS, yt-dlp, #100DaysToOffload

Newsboat and yt-dlp for RSS and a usable YouTube.

exa a replacement ls

published on ūüďÖ 27/10/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, ls, exa, #100DaysToOffload

Exa a modern ls replacement, it’s pretty neat.

Neovim and Github Copilot

published on ūüďÖ 27/10/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Neovim, Github, Copilot, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Getting up and running with Neovim and Github Copilot on Arch Linux

The search for a Vi mode browser

published on ūüďÖ 23/09/2021 |¬†tags : Web, Browser, Vi, Nyxt, #100DaysToOffload

Trying out Nyxt in the search for a Vi mode browser.

I got a Pinetime!

published on ūüďÖ 22/09/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Opensource, Pine64, Pinetime, SmartWatch, #100DaysToOffload

I got a Pinetime, it was sweet for about 10 minutes. Hopefully it’s sweet again in a couple weeks.

Getting chat from Owncast into Obs

published on ūüďÖ 21/09/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Python, Flask, Owncast, OBS, obs-studio, getting-started, #100DaysToOffload

Small Python script to get your Owncast chat into an OBS overlay

Open Broadcast Software and Owncast on Linux with Nginx and LetsEncrypt

published on ūüďÖ 19/09/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Streaming, OBS, Owncast, nginx, LetsEncrypt, #100DaysToOffload

Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and Owncast all running in Linux, the perfect open source streaming solution?

Qubes installation

published on ūüďÖ 16/09/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Qubes, Virtualisation, VM, Fedora, Debian, Whonix, #100DaysToOffload

Brief overview of Qubes and the installation process.

X Forwarding

published on ūüďÖ 14/09/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, X, SSH, #100DaysToOffload

Just a quick overview of how to setup X Forwarding

New Gear Get - Ploopy Classic

published on ūüďÖ 13/09/2021 |¬†tags : Hardware, Opensource, Ploopy, Trackball, 3D-Print, #100DaysToOffload

WTF is a Ploopy? Opensource Trackball that runs QMK!

Switching to Podman as a Docker replacement (also docker-compose)

published on ūüďÖ 31/08/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Containers, Podman, Docker, docker-compose, #100DaysToOffload

How to switch over to Podman for all your Docker and docker-compose needs.

Debian 11

published on ūüďÖ 17/08/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Debian, #100DaysToOffload

Installing Debian11 into a VM to setup as my Work machine.

Slackware 15.rc1 in 2021

published on ūüďÖ 16/08/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Preview / How to install Slackware 15.RC1, and small review.

Installing Arch Linux (with helpful screenshots)

published on ūüďÖ 12/08/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Not a replacement for the installation wiki, but a complement for newer folks interested in Arch.

New Noita Save Manager release

published on ūüďÖ 10/08/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Windows, Noita, Games, Python, #100DaysToOffload

Small update to the Noita save game manager

Porting old code again!

published on ūüďÖ 22/07/2021 |¬†tags : Games, Roguelike, Python, #100DaysToOffload, Danzig

Again with porting old projects to modern Python and PyGame

Steamdeck Announcement

published on ūüďÖ 16/07/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Steam, Steamdeck, Arch, btw, #100DaysToOffload

An interesting time now with the annoucement of Valves Steamdeck.

Downgrading your Linux kernel in Arch Linux

published on ūüďÖ 27/06/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, AMD, amdgpu, #100DaysToOffload

Quick write up of downgrading your Linux kernel using Arch Linux in the event of some issues.

Pipewire one sound dilly to rule them all?

published on ūüďÖ 03/06/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Sound, Pipewire, PulseAudio, Alsa, OSS, #100DaysToOffload

Taking a peek at Pipewire, to see if it’s really the dragon slayer of Linux sound?

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan

published on ūüďÖ 16/05/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, Python, i3, #100DaysToOffload

New releases for AMDFAN and py3status-amdfan

Arch Linux after 6 months

published on ūüďÖ 11/05/2021 |¬†tags : Arch, Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Recap / Review after 6 months of usage of Arch Linux

Linux From Scratch again!

published on ūüďÖ 09/05/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, LFS, review, #100DaysToOffload

Taking a look at Linux From Scratch again whats changed in the last 20 years since I last ran through it?

Who wrote this?

published on ūüďÖ 28/04/2021 |¬†tags : Python, 2to3, #100DaysToOffload

Fun times porting my first personal Python project to Python3

Bitwarden after a couple years of LastPass

published on ūüďÖ 20/04/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Passwords, Encryption, Hunter2, #100DaysToOffload

Overview from a couple months of usage with bitwarden, coming from several unwilling years with LastPass.

Something new for me anyways

published on ūüďÖ 19/04/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Vim, nvim, neovim, #100DaysToOffload

Giving nvim a try, after a very long time spent with Vim.

Initial release py3status-amdfan

published on ūüďÖ 14/04/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, py3status, AMD, i3wm, Python, #100DaysToOffload

The initial release for my new py3status module to monitor fan RPM and temperatures.

Movie Night with Friends

published on ūüďÖ 08/04/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Movies, Syncplay, #100DaysToOffload

Syncplay is a neat tool for watching movies with friends remotely

Last Noita update - Linux performance

published on ūüďÖ 06/04/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Games, Noita, proton, #100DaysToOffload

With the final large update to Noita, there are some benefits and sadness.


published on ūüďÖ 05/04/2021 |¬†tags : Python, #100DaysToOffload, Py3status, i3wm

Small py3status module for showing github notifications in i3wm

Hello Gemini

published on ūüďÖ 04/04/2021 |¬†tags : Gemini, #100DaysToOffload, NotGopher, Bash, Python, RST

Porting my site to Gemini, with Bash and Python

35 mins to Arch

published on ūüďÖ 29/03/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, py3status, #100DaysToOffload, Python

35 minutes from release to Arch

Automating the little things

published on ūüďÖ 16/03/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, bash, automation, Docker, #100DaysToOffload

Small automation for my server

weechat and tmux for remote IRC

published on ūüďÖ 09/03/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, IRC, Terminal, weechat, tmux, #100DaysToOffload

Quick setup for persistent weechat with tmux and systemd

Urtuk: The Desolation

published on ūüďÖ 03/03/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Games, Roguelike, Turn-based, #100DaysToOffload, Urtuk

Urtuk: The Desolation is a new roguelike, turn-based tactical combat game with a native Linux build.

Noita Save Manager

published on ūüďÖ 28/02/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Noita, Games, Mod, #100DaysToOffload

Linux compatible Noita Save Manager

Noita Together

published on ūüďÖ 24/02/2021 |¬†tags : Games, Noita, Wizards, #100DaysToOffload

A multiplayer mod for one of the best roguelikes out there.

amdfan First release

published on ūüďÖ 21/02/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Python, #100DaysToOffload

My first release of AMDFAN, a fan controller for amdgpu video cards.

My .vimrc

published on ūüďÖ 06/02/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Vim, #100DaysToOffload, Editor

It ain’t much but it’s mine

Hollow Knight

published on ūüďÖ 04/02/2021 |¬†tags : Games, Linux, #100DaysToOffload, Metroidvania

What a great game, with fantastic Linux support.

Miniflux + Wallabag + Android client =¬†ūüĎć

published on ūüďÖ 02/02/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Miniflux, Wallabag, RSS, Android, #100DaysToOffload, Web

Setting up Miniflux with Wallabag to read articles on my Android phone.

Adding Python Virtual Env support to Synth Shell

published on ūüďÖ 01/02/2021 |¬†tags : Python, Bash, Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Just a quick write up of adding Python virtualenv support to Synth Shell a py3status module

published on ūüďÖ 29/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Python, i3, py3status, #100DaysToOffload

Another py3status module for i3, this time for showing the CPU governor

Falling Everything in Python

published on ūüďÖ 28/01/2021 |¬†tags : Python, Noita, Pygame, #100DaysToOffload

Small Python demo of the Noita physics engine ‚Äúfalling everything‚ÄĚ written in¬†Python.

http_monitor for i3 (py3status)

published on ūüďÖ 26/01/2021 |¬†tags : Python, Linux, #100DaysToOffload, http

Small http monitoring script that I wrote to keep track of some services running on my server.

Fancy terminal

published on ūüďÖ 24/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, #100DaysToOffload, Alacritty, ueberzug, ranger, terminal

Setting up Alacritty, ranger and ueberzug for image previews in the terminal

Demon’s Souls / RPCS3

published on ūüďÖ 23/01/2021 |¬†tags : Games, #100DaysToOffload, Emulation

Getting Demon’s Souls up and running in Arch Linux with RPCS3

WTF is Gemini?

published on ūüďÖ 20/01/2021 |¬†tags : Web, Gopher, Gemini, Fancy, #100DaysToOffload

WTF is Gemini? Really… is it just a fancy Gopher?

Noita - Linux performance

published on ūüďÖ 19/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Games, Noita, CPU, proton, #100DaysToOffload

Some settings and programs you can use to improve responsiveness of Noita, and other CPU intensive games.


published on ūüďÖ 17/01/2021 |¬†tags : Encryption, Identity, Federation, #100DaysToOffload

Setting up KeyOxide for DNS, Github and Mastodon

Dead Cells controller issues

published on ūüďÖ 14/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Games, Roguelike, #100DaysToOffload

How I managed to resolve (kinda), my controller issues with Dead Cells in Linux

Foundry setup in Linux

published on ūüďÖ 13/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Dice, Dungeons and Dragons, pen and paper, #100DaysToOffload, Docker

Quick setup guide for self-hosting Foundry VTT

Wizards and State Machines

published on ūüďÖ 12/01/2021 |¬†tags : Noita, State Machine, Games, Wizard, Witch, Spell Wrapping, #100DaysToOffload

Noita, the best Witch game you haven’t played.

Dwarf Fortress in Arch with a Tile-set

published on ūüďÖ 11/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, Dwarf Fortress, Graphics, #100DaysToOffload

Small write-up of how to install a tile-set for Dwarf Fortress in Linux (Arch, but any other distribution will work as well).

Building AUR’s with a chroot

published on ūüďÖ 09/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, pacman, #100DaysToOffload

How to build AUR’s with a chroot cleanly

pacman coming from apt / dpkg

published on ūüďÖ 07/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Arch, Debian, pacman, #100DaysToOffload

Working with the Arch Linux package manager


published on ūüďÖ 04/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, SSH, #100DaysToOffload

More commands that I didn’t know about

Ventoy how did I not know about you?

published on ūüďÖ 03/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, tutorial, #100DaysToOffload

Neat tool that I didn’t know about for bootable media

Installing Arch Linux blind after 20 years of Debian

published on ūüďÖ 01/01/2021 |¬†tags : Linux, Debian, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Some thoughts about Arch and Debian after 20 years of using primarily Debian

Creating a py3status module to monitor my UPS battery

published on ūüďÖ 31/12/2020 |¬†tags : UPS, Battery, Python, Tutorial, i3, #100DaysToOffload

How to create a py3status module

Looking Glass

published on ūüďÖ 30/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, VFIO, Virtualization, Tutorial, BIOS, LookingGlass, #100DaysToOffload

Basic Looking Glass setup

Cyberpunk 2077 in Linux kinda?

published on ūüďÖ 29/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, Cyberpunk, 2077, VFIO, games, demo, #100DaysToOffload

Short demo video of VFIO setup playing Cyberpunk

Odds and Ends

published on ūüďÖ 28/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, VFIO, Virtualization, Tutorial, BIOS, #100DaysToOffload

BIOS and optimizations

The Machine! (virtual)

published on ūüďÖ 27/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, VFIO, Tutorial, Virtualization, #100DaysToOffload

Configuring your VM

Isolation (of hardware)

published on ūüďÖ 26/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, VFIO, Tutorial, Virtualization, #100DaysToOffload

Isolation of components for VM pass through

Intro to VFIO

published on ūüďÖ 25/12/2020 |¬†tags : Linux, VFIO, Vitualization, Tutorial, #100DaysToOffload

Intro to VFIO in Linux