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🔍About Me

Like other blogs, I guess I’ll put up an about page. I’m a old school hacker living in Halifax. I’ve been using Linux primarily for work and at home for close to 25 years now.

Here’s a few things that I’m interested in:

  • Hikes with my dog pictured above (Atiya)
  • Playing guitar and bass, collecting old Sunn amplifiers
  • Going to heavy metal concerts
  • Playing games like DND or video games (especially dwarf fortress)
  • Writing small video game demo’s (mainly dwarf fortress clones)
  • Security and Privacy


The hardware and software I use everyday.


My primary workstation, equipped with 2 GPU’s mainly used for VFIO / GPU pass-through with Virtual Machines. Most used application: Vim

neofetch of my workstation


Type Name
OS Arch Linux
Browser Firefox
Email Thunderbird
Editor vim
WM i3 / rofi / py3status
Term alacritty
Music strawberry
Mastodon whalebird
Video VLC
Virtual Machines virt-manager
Display Looking Glass
Games Steam
Images Gimp


Type Part
Motherboard Aorus Master x570
CPU AMD 5900x
Cooler Noctua NH-U14S
GPU 6800xt
GPU2 Vega64
Memory 64gb GSkill
Power 850w Antec HCG850
Storage M.2 2x XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB
Case Antec A400


My old primary workstation, but I scavenged the Vega64 and replaced it with a 50$ nvidia card so it would boot. Mainly used to run VM and a few odds and ends and container box.

neofetch of the server


Type Part
Motherboard Asus X370 Pro
CPU AMD 1800x
Cooler Noctua NH-D15
GPU Nvidia G710
Memory 32g GSkill
Power 650w
Storage Disks WD 4Tb, 2Tb
Storage SSD Intel 140g, 500g
Storage M.2 500g Samsung Evo 970
Case Antec A400


Type Name
OS Debian bullseye
Containers docker
Media Video plex
Media Music airsonic
Virtual Machines VirtualBox
RPG stuff Foundtry VTT
Torrent Deluged
Snatcher Medusa
Cloud NextCloud
Dashboard Cockpit
DNS pihole
Casting Owncast