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Terrence Bay River outing with the Drone

published 28/08/2022 in Drone | tags : Drone, Dji, Terrence Bay River, Halifax

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It was a nice day for a Sunday drive out to Terrence Bay.

Took my dog Atiya out to the park and had a nice walk around the river. I had my new drone with me, so I took it for a spin, still learning the ropes.

This was my third outing with the drone, and so far I really like it. I’m getting more confident in the mini-drones abilities and no longer constantly wondering if it’s going to plunge directly into the water, also how it deals with some slight winds.

Here’s a nice panorama of the river:

Here’s a short video of the drone flying around a bit over the river.

I’ll be back out there soon, I’m enjoying flying this thing around.