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Hollow Knight

published 04/02/2021 in Games | tags : Games, Linux, #100DaysToOffload, Metroidvania

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Hollow Knight

Available on Steam or GOG. This game is near perfect in it’s execution and polish.

You play as a lonely little knight, starting slowly gathering abilities and spells in your adventures through this interesting dark world.

It’s a bit of a slow burn in the beginning as your getting used to the various areas and NPCs. But it quickly opens up will keep you on the edge of your toes while never really being too hard.

The visuals are really well stylized, the controls are very responsive.

This game would be considered a Metroidvania although, I think we should just rename the genre to Hollow Knight-likes, because of it’s beautiful execution.

Linux Support

This game runs amazingly well in Linux, it picked up my PS4 and Steam Controller with no issues, also supported changing between full-screen or windowed without fuss. Even supporting my ridiculous “5120x1440” monitor.

0 crashes, dropped frames, slowdowns or issues playing Hollow Knight, which is a rarity sadly in this day and age in Linux.

This native Linux port runs so well that it doesn’t even feel like anything else is running on your computer.

I played this game recently, so I’m not sure if there was this level of polish at release.

Worth it?

If your interested at all in video games, and haven’t played Hollow Knight your doing yourself a disservice by not playing through this game.

My only complaints, and they aren’t really major, would be that it does start quite slow. And there is a fair amount of back tracking. However the sheer amount of content and polish far far outweighs the slow start, and the back tracking is largely mitigated by new abilities and map upgrades along the way. Almost as part of the design.

Hopefully they release their sequel with the same amount of effort and attention to detail.