Steam Deck Gotted!

published on 📅 17/03/2022 | tags : Linux, Steam, Steamdeck, Gaming

First thoughts and impressions of using the Steamdeck. spoilers it’s amazing!

New Noita Save Manager release

published on 📅 10/08/2021 | tags : Linux, Windows, Noita, Games, Python, #100DaysToOffload

Small update to the Noita save game manager

Steamdeck Announcement

published on 📅 16/07/2021 | tags : Linux, Steam, Steamdeck, Arch, btw, #100DaysToOffload

An interesting time now with the annoucement of Valves Steamdeck.

Last Noita update - Linux performance

published on 📅 06/04/2021 | tags : Linux, Games, Noita, proton, #100DaysToOffload

With the final large update to Noita, there are some benefits and sadness.

Urtuk: The Desolation

published on 📅 03/03/2021 | tags : Linux, Games, Roguelike, Turn-based, #100DaysToOffload, Urtuk

Urtuk: The Desolation is a new roguelike, turn-based tactical combat game with a native Linux build.

Noita Save Manager

published on 📅 28/02/2021 | tags : Linux, Noita, Games, Mod, #100DaysToOffload

Linux compatible Noita Save Manager

Noita Together

published on 📅 24/02/2021 | tags : Games, Noita, Wizards, #100DaysToOffload

A multiplayer mod for one of the best roguelikes out there.

Hollow Knight

published on 📅 04/02/2021 | tags : Games, Linux, #100DaysToOffload, Metroidvania

What a great game, with fantastic Linux support.

Demon’s Souls / RPCS3

published on 📅 23/01/2021 | tags : Games, #100DaysToOffload, Emulation

Getting Demon’s Souls up and running in Arch Linux with RPCS3

Dead Cells controller issues

published on 📅 14/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Games, Roguelike, #100DaysToOffload

How I managed to resolve (kinda), my controller issues with Dead Cells in Linux

Wizards and State Machines

published on 📅 12/01/2021 | tags : Noita, State Machine, Games, Wizard, Witch, Spell Wrapping, #100DaysToOffload

Noita, the best Witch game you haven’t played.

Dwarf Fortress in Arch with a Tile-set

published on 📅 11/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, Dwarf Fortress, Graphics, #100DaysToOffload

Small write-up of how to install a tile-set for Dwarf Fortress in Linux (Arch, but any other distribution will work as well).

Cyberpunk 2077 in Linux kinda?

published on 📅 29/12/2020 | tags : Linux, Cyberpunk, 2077, VFIO, games, demo, #100DaysToOffload

Short demo video of VFIO setup playing Cyberpunk