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Hurricane Fiona

published 25/09/2022 in Drone | tags : Hurricane, Fiona, Broken Trees, No Power

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Made it through the storm, there are fewer tree’s in the backyard now, and several branches came dangerously close to smashing through the roof.

I ate so many chips this weekend, I don’t even know what to-do with myself anymore.

No power for 42 hours is typical with how poorly managed NSPower is these days.

I was able to keep most of my devices, powered and charged thanks in part to my UPS and Dewalt Car battery booster, able to charge up my phone and Steamdeck.

Now I just gotta throw out a bunch of food from the freezer, but glad to have power back.

Below are some pictures I took on the trail where I walk my dog, it’s quite impassable without having to trudge through the woods to get around the tree’s and power lines in there.