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Last Noita update - Linux performance

published 06/04/2021 in Games | tags : Linux, Games, Noita, proton, #100DaysToOffload

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Noita devs please release a native Linux branch, thanks (from all the devs who play your game)!

Current situation

So the beloved Noita, got it’s final content update from the Nolla developers.

I wish them the best on whatever they work on next. Those guys are legendary for the work they’ve put into Noita, truly a labor of love. No other game has captured my attention as much in the last few years since “The binding of Isaac” got a C++ port.

However as a huge fan of the game, I’m also saddened that we won’t be seeing any more content for the foreseeable future (maybe dlc! hopefully, /giphy take my money!).

That being said, there is still a tremendous amount of content to be explored. I’ve only got about half the ‘atreevements’ done, and they did add a few other Steam achievements which is nice.

Silver Lining

Now this is unlikely due to anything other than Valve’s herculean effort with the Proton updates and a combination of the Wine teams new release of version 6. But we no longer have to lock the proton version to play Noita. This comes with some added benefits of running quite a bit smoother in Linux as well with much less slowdowns, YMMV (I’m running on Arch).

So free performance upgrades for the last patch for Noita, is not bad in my books since it will likely take me till the universe heat death to gather them all anyways… Especially with the 34 orb run being essentially just a fight against RNJesus.

If you are still experiencing some performance issues, I did write a short piece on getting a bit more performance out of your CPU in Linux and you can find it here.