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Newsboat, yt-dlp and mpv

published 02/11/2021 in Linux | tags : Linux, Newsboat, RSS, yt-dlp, #100DaysToOffload

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If you’re a fan of RSS at all, or just tired of how terrible the Youtube experience is on the web. Newsboat + yt-dlp may be a decent alternative for you. I’ve been using it now for several weeks and it’s been great. Since switching from youtube-dl. Since Youtube has been hosing it’s speeds, yt-dlp doesn’t seem to run into the same bandwidth issues (at least for now, knock on wood).

With a couple very simple configurations, you can turn Newsboat into a decent youtube front end, without any of the ads and piping directly to mpv for viewing videos.


Newsboat and mpv should both be in the regular Arch repos, however yt-dlp is only found in the AUR’s for now, so you will need something like yay to install it.

yay -S newsboat mpv yt-dlp


Below is my Newsboat configuration. It’s quite basic, but it works quite nicely for me.


auto-reload no
browser firefox
macro v set browser "setsid -f mpv --really-quiet --no-terminal" ; open-in-browser ; set browser firefox

, will toggle the macro mode of Newsboat, and as you can see in the configuration above we mapped it to v (for video, but you can choose any other key that you like).

, + v will open youtube links in mpv.