Dracula and FzF (fuzzy finder) for some shenanigans in the console

published on 📅 08/05/2022 | tags : Linux, Bash, Fzf, Dracula

fzf with some Dracula colors and some fun console shenanigans.

Elden Ring on Linux (offline mode)

published on 📅 24/02/2022 | tags : Linux, Elden Ring #100DaysToOffload

Elden Ring on Linux (offline mode)

Newsboat, yt-dlp and mpv

published on 📅 02/11/2021 | tags : Linux, Newsboat, RSS, yt-dlp, #100DaysToOffload

Newsboat and yt-dlp for RSS and a usable YouTube.

exa a replacement ls

published on 📅 27/10/2021 | tags : Linux, ls, exa, #100DaysToOffload

Exa a modern ls replacement, it’s pretty neat.

Neovim and Github Copilot

published on 📅 27/10/2021 | tags : Linux, Neovim, Github, Copilot, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Getting up and running with Neovim and Github Copilot on Arch Linux

I got a Pinetime!

published on 📅 22/09/2021 | tags : Linux, Opensource, Pine64, Pinetime, SmartWatch, #100DaysToOffload

I got a Pinetime, it was sweet for about 10 minutes. Hopefully it’s sweet again in a couple weeks.

Open Broadcast Software and Owncast on Linux with Nginx and LetsEncrypt

published on 📅 19/09/2021 | tags : Linux, Streaming, OBS, Owncast, nginx, LetsEncrypt, #100DaysToOffload

Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and Owncast all running in Linux, the perfect open source streaming solution?

Qubes installation

published on 📅 16/09/2021 | tags : Linux, Qubes, Virtualisation, VM, Fedora, Debian, Whonix, #100DaysToOffload

Brief overview of Qubes and the installation process.

X Forwarding

published on 📅 14/09/2021 | tags : Linux, X, SSH, #100DaysToOffload

Just a quick overview of how to setup X Forwarding

Switching to Podman as a Docker replacement (also docker-compose)

published on 📅 31/08/2021 | tags : Linux, Containers, Podman, Docker, docker-compose, #100DaysToOffload

How to switch over to Podman for all your Docker and docker-compose needs.

Debian 11

published on 📅 17/08/2021 | tags : Linux, Debian, #100DaysToOffload

Installing Debian11 into a VM to setup as my Work machine.

Slackware 15.rc1 in 2021

published on 📅 16/08/2021 | tags : Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Preview / How to install Slackware 15.RC1, and small review.

Installing Arch Linux (with helpful screenshots)

published on 📅 12/08/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Not a replacement for the installation wiki, but a complement for newer folks interested in Arch.

Downgrading your Linux kernel in Arch Linux

published on 📅 27/06/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, AMD, amdgpu, #100DaysToOffload

Quick write up of downgrading your Linux kernel using Arch Linux in the event of some issues.

Pipewire one sound dilly to rule them all?

published on 📅 03/06/2021 | tags : Linux, Sound, Pipewire, PulseAudio, Alsa, OSS, #100DaysToOffload

Taking a peek at Pipewire, to see if it’s really the dragon slayer of Linux sound?

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan

published on 📅 16/05/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, Python, i3, #100DaysToOffload

New releases for AMDFAN and py3status-amdfan

Arch Linux after 6 months

published on 📅 11/05/2021 | tags : Arch, Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Recap / Review after 6 months of usage of Arch Linux

Linux From Scratch again!

published on 📅 09/05/2021 | tags : Linux, LFS, review, #100DaysToOffload

Taking a look at Linux From Scratch again whats changed in the last 20 years since I last ran through it?

Bitwarden after a couple years of LastPass

published on 📅 20/04/2021 | tags : Linux, Passwords, Encryption, Hunter2, #100DaysToOffload

Overview from a couple months of usage with bitwarden, coming from several unwilling years with LastPass.

Something new for me anyways

published on 📅 19/04/2021 | tags : Linux, Vim, nvim, neovim, #100DaysToOffload

Giving nvim a try, after a very long time spent with Vim.

Movie Night with Friends

published on 📅 08/04/2021 | tags : Linux, Movies, Syncplay, #100DaysToOffload

Syncplay is a neat tool for watching movies with friends remotely

35 mins to Arch

published on 📅 29/03/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, py3status, #100DaysToOffload, Python

35 minutes from release to Arch

Automating the little things

published on 📅 16/03/2021 | tags : Linux, bash, automation, Docker, #100DaysToOffload

Small automation for my server

weechat and tmux for remote IRC

published on 📅 09/03/2021 | tags : Linux, IRC, Terminal, weechat, tmux, #100DaysToOffload

Quick setup for persistent weechat with tmux and systemd

My .vimrc

published on 📅 06/02/2021 | tags : Linux, Vim, #100DaysToOffload, Editor

It ain’t much but it’s mine

Fancy terminal

published on 📅 24/01/2021 | tags : Linux, #100DaysToOffload, Alacritty, ueberzug, ranger, terminal

Setting up Alacritty, ranger and ueberzug for image previews in the terminal

Noita - Linux performance

published on 📅 19/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Games, Noita, CPU, proton, #100DaysToOffload

Some settings and programs you can use to improve responsiveness of Noita, and other CPU intensive games.

Building AUR’s with a chroot

published on 📅 09/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, pacman, #100DaysToOffload

How to build AUR’s with a chroot cleanly

pacman coming from apt / dpkg

published on 📅 07/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, Debian, pacman, #100DaysToOffload

Working with the Arch Linux package manager


published on 📅 04/01/2021 | tags : Linux, SSH, #100DaysToOffload

More commands that I didn’t know about

Ventoy how did I not know about you?

published on 📅 03/01/2021 | tags : Linux, tutorial, #100DaysToOffload

Neat tool that I didn’t know about for bootable media

Installing Arch Linux blind after 20 years of Debian

published on 📅 01/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Debian, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Some thoughts about Arch and Debian after 20 years of using primarily Debian

Odds and Ends

published on 📅 28/12/2020 | tags : Linux, VFIO, Virtualization, Tutorial, BIOS, #100DaysToOffload

BIOS and optimizations

The Machine! (virtual)

published on 📅 27/12/2020 | tags : Linux, VFIO, Tutorial, Virtualization, #100DaysToOffload

Configuring your VM

Isolation (of hardware)

published on 📅 26/12/2020 | tags : Linux, VFIO, Tutorial, Virtualization, #100DaysToOffload

Isolation of components for VM pass through

Intro to VFIO

published on 📅 25/12/2020 | tags : Linux, VFIO, Vitualization, Tutorial, #100DaysToOffload

Intro to VFIO in Linux