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Whacky split keyboard, the glove80

published on 📅 04/06/2024

glove80, thoughts after a couple months

| tags : Linux, Arch, Keyboard, ERGO, glove80

Yesterday I disconnected my mouse

published on 📅 31/05/2024

I disconnected my mouse, moved to trackball

| tags : Linux, Arch, Mouse, Ploopy, Trackball, MXERGO

Fast Arch Mirrors

published on 📅 25/03/2024

How to find the fastest Arch mirrors

| tags : Linux, Arch

Recovering from failed terraform apply

published on 📅 06/09/2023

Quick post on how to recover from a failed terraform apply

| tags : Linux, Arch, terraform, Devops

Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian

published on 📅 26/11/2022

Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian on a Boox Onyx, Android phone, Linux desktop and Server

| tags : Linux, Obsidian, Syncthing, Onyx, Boox, Android

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