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Noita Save Manager

published 28/02/2021 in Games | tags : Linux, Noita, Games, Mod, #100DaysToOffload

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Noita Save Manager

Small Python script I put together for myself, since none of the other save managers work in Linux. I know I’m in the minority here that plays Noita in Linux. But it also works in Windows in the event that your looking a save-file manager for Noita.


Here’s an “action” shot of it.

Screenshot of Noita Save Manager

Screenshot of the script running.


As with all my Noita posts, I’ll ask the dev’s to please consider releasing a Linux native port. With that over with onto the features.


  • Non-destructive, always creates backups prior to restoring saves
  • Won’t run while Noita is running as to not create corrupt backups
  • Works in Linux or Windows
  • Open source, you can build it on your own if your so inclined


You can snag it from my github from the release page.

I’ll fire it up on PyPi, at a later date when I get it cleaned up some and remove the debugging window. But it’s quite usable as is.