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Noita Together

published 24/02/2021 in Games | tags : Games, Noita, Wizards, #100DaysToOffload

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Noita Together

A multiplayer (kinda) mod for Noita by Soler91.

What could be better than playing some Noita??? Playing Noita together with friends? This is about as close as it gets to a multiplayer experience, while not actually sharing the same game world.

This mod uses the twitch authentication to get everyone into a lobby together, and then the host can adjust the settings for the session.

Then with a mild amount of shenanigans and mod-enabling you can start a session with your friends. There are a slew of options available to make the session a better experience for you and your pals.

For one, there is a somewhat adjustable difficulty available that allows respawning, respawning with penalties or a hardcore mode (aka the stock Noita experience) if anyone dies everyone needs to restart.

Another of the neat features of this mod is a communal bank where you can share spells, wands and flasks with your teammates. This functions similarly to the wand customization in that it’s only available in the Holy Mountain area. You can throw items and retrieve items from the bank while in the holy mountain. This allows you to get some spells or wands that your friends have available and vice versa. If someone’s having a hard time, you can give some spells, or even build them a full wand and send it over.

If your into Noita at all, this mod is worth checking out. It’s available on Github at the link at the start of the article. Overall this mod seems very stable, I’ve played a couple sessions over the last couple days that have lasted well over an hour each, with no issues to report so far.

All in all Soler91‘s done a great job with this mod. This already great game, can only benefit from being able to play together with friends. Now if only Nolla would release a native Linux port.