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Dwarf Fortress in Arch with a Tile-set

published 11/01/2021 in Games | tags : Linux, Arch, Dwarf Fortress, Graphics, #100DaysToOffload

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You can either download the binary from bay12games or if you’re on Arch Linux, there’s a package you can snag with the following command:

pacman -S dwarffortress

This will install most of the resources into /opt/dwarffortress, and when you run the game for the first time with the dwarffortress command, it will populate your $HOME/.dwarffortress directory with some configuration files that we’ll take a look at in a bit for adding a tile-set.

Where to get Tile-sets?

I found that the official forums and DFFD site had mostly tilesets that would include all the windows binaries and configurations. Where I’m playing on Linux natively, so I wanted just the graphics by themselves so I could install them myself. So this Github repo has a great selection of Graphics Tilesets ready to be used directly in Linux.

Grab a Tile-Set

I chose the Ironhand set that can be found here, but the directions will work for any other regular tile-set.

Once downloaded, I unzipped the to a temporary folder.

When extracted, you should see a data and raw folder, on Arch since I had already run Dwarf Fortress once, it had created my local configuration in ~/.dwarffortress so I just copied the data folder over with the following command.

cp -Rupv data/ ~/.dwarffortress/

And afterwards I copied the raw’s over to the /opt/dwarffortress/raw directory.

sudo cp -Rupv raw/ /opt/dwarffortress/


Now we just want to check our configuration files to make sure the new tile-set is selected.

You can find it at ~/.dwarffortress/data/init/init.txt, and look for your GRAPHICS: block, and make sure you put in your tile-set preference in the configuration.


Make sure you update the “GRAPHICS_FONT” and “GRAPHICS_FULLFONT” with your tile-sets png, and toggle GRAPHICS: to YES as above.

Strike the Earth

Now you’re ready to strike the earth! With a graphical tile-set.