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Neovim and Github Copilot

published on 📅 27/10/2021

Getting up and running with Neovim and Github Copilot on Arch Linux

| tags : Linux, Neovim, Github, Copilot, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Installing Arch Linux (with helpful screenshots)

published on 📅 12/08/2021

Not a replacement for the installation wiki, but a complement for newer folks interested in Arch.

| tags : Linux, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Steamdeck Announcement

published on 📅 16/07/2021

An interesting time now with the annoucement of Valves Steamdeck.

| tags : Linux, Steam, Steamdeck, Arch, btw, #100DaysToOffload

Downgrading your Linux kernel in Arch Linux

published on 📅 27/06/2021

Quick write up of downgrading your Linux kernel using Arch Linux in the event of some issues.

| tags : Linux, Arch, AMD, amdgpu, #100DaysToOffload

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan

published on 📅 16/05/2021

New releases for AMDFAN and py3status-amdfan

| tags : Linux, Arch, Python, i3, #100DaysToOffload

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