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Dracula and FzF (fuzzy finder) for some shenanigans in the console

published 08/05/2022 in Linux | tags : Linux, Bash, Fzf, Dracula

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Whats fzf?

fzf is a very fast fuzzy finder utility, that combines well with just about every Linux tool out there.

Does your command have some Bash/Zsh/Fish completion magic? Well it works with that too.

Do you like auto completing process ids for your kill commands? Covered!

Forget a couple git parameters? No problem.

I won’t really be going over much of the functionality of fzf here, mainly just how to configure the colors, along with some extra niceties that can make the experience better and a little more colorful.


History searching (Ctrl-R) and command completion(Tab) are supported.

Ctrl-R and Tab

Bonus shenanigans Ctrl-T, Alt-C


Extra Fancy Dependencies

  • bat - A simple, fast, and user-friendly replacement for cat.
  • tree installable via yay -S tree
  • fzf-tab


Finally with the dependencies installed we can proceed to install fzf with your package manager of choice.

$ yay -S fzf

Configure fzf, add completion and bonus functions to your ~/.bashrc

# fzf settings
export FZF_TMUX=1 # if you want to use a separate tmux pane

# dracula in my fzf
  --color fg:255,bg:236,hl:84,fg+:255,bg+:236,hl+:215
  --color info:141,prompt:84,spinner:212,pointer:212,marker:212'

export FZF_CTRL_T_OPTS="--preview '[[ \$(file --mime {}) =~ binary ]] &&
  echo {} is a binary file ||
  (bat --style=numbers --color=always {} ||
  highlight -O ansi -l {} ||
  cat {}) 2> /dev/null | head -500' --preview-window=right:60%"
export FZF_CTRL_R_OPTS="--preview 'bat --style=numbers --color=always --line-range :500 {}' --preview-window down:3:hidden:wrap --bind '?:toggle-preview'"
export FZF_ALT_C_OPTS="--preview 'tree -C {} | head -200'"

source /usr/share/fzf/key-bindings.bash
source /usr/share/fzf/completion.bash
source /home/j/gits/fzf-tab-completion/bash/
bind -x '"\t": fzf_bash_completion'

_fzf_compgen_path() {
  fd --hidden --follow --exclude ".git" . "$1"

# Use fd to generate the list for directory completion
_fzf_compgen_dir() {
  fd --type d --hidden --follow --exclude ".git" . "$1"

Time for some fun in the terminal!

Now you can try out your new Ctrl-R and Tab completion in the terminal, along with Ctrl-T and Alt-C.