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Dracula and FzF (fuzzy finder) for some shenanigans in the console

published on 📅 08/05/2022

fzf with some Dracula colors and some fun console shenanigans.

| tags : Linux, Bash, Fzf, Dracula

Hello Gemini

published on 📅 04/04/2021

Porting my site to Gemini, with Bash and Python

| tags : Gemini, #100DaysToOffload, NotGopher, Bash, Python, RST

Automating the little things

published on 📅 16/03/2021

Small automation for my server

| tags : Linux, bash, automation, Docker, #100DaysToOffload

Adding Python Virtual Env support to Synth Shell

published on 📅 01/02/2021

Just a quick write up of adding Python virtualenv support to Synth Shell

| tags : Python, Bash, Linux, #100DaysToOffload

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