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Out off-roading in Tantallon Nova-Scotia, taking a look at a couple wild campsites

published 18/09/2022 in Linux | tags : Drone, Camping, Wild, Lakes, Ponds, Jeep, Nova-Scotia

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Taking a look at the weather forecast this weekend, it was only going to be nice for a short amount of time on Saturday. I figured I should get out there, and there was a couple spots that I had noted on my last trip that I wanted to check out a bit more closely.

First location. Roughly 20 mins drive into the woods and is located directly beside the road, however there’s a nice little pond and cliff for jumping into the water with some ropes to climb back up the cliff face.

The second location is probably closer to an 45 mins in, but you are greeted with a much larger lake, and some nice tree coverage and it’s only a small hike away from the road, and there’s some tucked away parking available relatively close.

Here’s a 360 panorama of the lake.

It was quite windy out, so I wasn’t super confident in the drones ability to keep up, but it managed pretty well.

It was also the first time that my drone lost connection with the remote, so I was left with a mild state of panic, as it then toggled itself into “RETURN HOME” mode, and once it started climbing, the remote was able to re-establish the connection, and I was able to bring it in again. I think it was having a hard time getting a connection through the rocks that were between us. Either way I was able to recover the drone, so it was a success.

Below is a video of both locations, they were nice spots the both of them. Each with pre-made campfire rings and stumps / seating and room for tents at both locations.

Included below is some pictures I took along the way, I saw a deer, which was nice, and Atiya was needs a pair of sunglasses if she’s to stare at the sun anymore.