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Initial release py3status-amdfan

published 14/04/2021 in Python | tags : Linux, py3status, AMD, i3wm, Python, #100DaysToOffload

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WTF’s py3status-amdfan?

A small Python module written for use with py3status.

It can be use for monitoring fan RPM’s and temperature of any video card powered by the amdgpu kernel module.


glorious picture of py3status-amdfan

You can change it’s format to display the values however you like however, that’s just the configuration I run on my machine.


This project depends on another one of my projects amdfan, so you’ll need that installed prior to launching py3status-amdfan otherwise it won’t be able to load it in as a library.

Amdfan can be used to tune your fan settings or monitor your temperature in the terminal as well as running as a daemon in the background applying a fan curve that you can define.

Since I wasn’t happy with the defaults provided by the amdgpu drivers (basically idle fans till 65 degree’s Celsius, then full blast… not ideal).

Anyways I figured I’d want to monitor the fan settings in my status bar. So now we have py3status-amdfan.


You can fetch both the packages from either, PyPi(w/pip, pipenv or poetry), github or the AUR repo if your using Arch. I’ll pop the links below.

Installing from PyPi

Using whatever Python package manager, you can install directly from PyPi.

pip install amdfan py3status-amdfan
pipenv install amdfan py3status-amdfan
poetry add py3status-amdfan amdfan && poetry install

Installing from Github

Alternatively if you want to install it manually or just see the source code / directions you can find them here.

Let me know if you would like to see any features added or if you have troubles running either of these.