New amdfan and py3status-amdfan releases

published on 📅 24/02/2022 | tags : Linux, Python, AMD, GPU, Fans

Amdfan updated to support Py-Yaml 6.0, and py3status-amdfan updated to use Amdfan 0.1.17

New amdfan and py3status-amdfan releases

published on 📅 30/01/2022 | tags : Linux, Python, AMD, GPU, Fans

Amdfan updated to Python 3.10 and Rich 11.1, and py3status updated to use Amdfan 0.1.16

Advent of Code 2021

published on 📅 30/12/2021 | tags : Linux, AOC, AdventOfCode, #100DaysToOffload, copilot, github

Just my entries into the advent of code 2021, been busy with these.

Getting chat from Owncast into Obs

published on 📅 21/09/2021 | tags : Linux, Python, Flask, Owncast, OBS, obs-studio, getting-started, #100DaysToOffload

Small Python script to get your Owncast chat into an OBS overlay

Porting old code again!

published on 📅 22/07/2021 | tags : Games, Roguelike, Python, #100DaysToOffload, Danzig

Again with porting old projects to modern Python and PyGame

Who wrote this?

published on 📅 28/04/2021 | tags : Python, 2to3, #100DaysToOffload

Fun times porting my first personal Python project to Python3

Initial release py3status-amdfan

published on 📅 14/04/2021 | tags : Linux, py3status, AMD, i3wm, Python, #100DaysToOffload

The initial release for my new py3status module to monitor fan RPM and temperatures.


published on 📅 05/04/2021 | tags : Python, #100DaysToOffload, Py3status, i3wm

Small py3status module for showing github notifications in i3wm

amdfan First release

published on 📅 21/02/2021 | tags : Linux, Python, #100DaysToOffload

My first release of AMDFAN, a fan controller for amdgpu video cards.

Adding Python Virtual Env support to Synth Shell

published on 📅 01/02/2021 | tags : Python, Bash, Linux, #100DaysToOffload

Just a quick write up of adding Python virtualenv support to Synth Shell a py3status module

published on 📅 29/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Python, i3, py3status, #100DaysToOffload

Another py3status module for i3, this time for showing the CPU governor

Falling Everything in Python

published on 📅 28/01/2021 | tags : Python, Noita, Pygame, #100DaysToOffload

Small Python demo of the Noita physics engine “falling everything” written in Python.

http_monitor for i3 (py3status)

published on 📅 26/01/2021 | tags : Python, Linux, #100DaysToOffload, http

Small http monitoring script that I wrote to keep track of some services running on my server.

Creating a py3status module to monitor my UPS battery

published on 📅 31/12/2020 | tags : UPS, Battery, Python, Tutorial, i3, #100DaysToOffload

How to create a py3status module