Qubes installation

published on 📅 16/09/2021 | tags : Linux, Qubes, Virtualisation, VM, Fedora, Debian, Whonix, #100DaysToOffload

Brief overview of Qubes and the installation process.

Debian 11

published on 📅 17/08/2021 | tags : Linux, Debian, #100DaysToOffload

Installing Debian11 into a VM to setup as my Work machine.

pacman coming from apt / dpkg

published on 📅 07/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Arch, Debian, pacman, #100DaysToOffload

Working with the Arch Linux package manager

Installing Arch Linux blind after 20 years of Debian

published on 📅 01/01/2021 | tags : Linux, Debian, Arch, #100DaysToOffload

Some thoughts about Arch and Debian after 20 years of using primarily Debian