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Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian

published on 📅 26/11/2022

Setting up Syncthing and Obsidian on a Boox Onyx, Android phone, Linux desktop and Server

| tags : Linux, Obsidian, Syncthing, Onyx, Boox, Android

Installing Lineage on my Pixel 2xl

published on 📅 24/08/2022

Overview of how to install Lineage on my Pixel 2xl

| tags : Linux, LineageOS, Pixel, Android

Miniflux + Wallabag + Android client = 👍

published on 📅 02/02/2021

Setting up Miniflux with Wallabag to read articles on my Android phone.

| tags : Linux, Miniflux, Wallabag, RSS, Android, #100DaysToOffload, Web

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