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Ventoy how did I not know about you?

published on 📅 03/01/2021

Neat tool that I didn’t know about for bootable media

| tags : Linux, tutorial, #100DaysToOffload

Creating a py3status module to monitor my UPS battery

published on 📅 31/12/2020

How to create a py3status module

| tags : UPS, Battery, Python, Tutorial, i3, #100DaysToOffload

Looking Glass

published on 📅 30/12/2020

Basic Looking Glass setup

| tags : Linux, VFIO, Virtualization, Tutorial, BIOS, LookingGlass, #100DaysToOffload

Odds and Ends

published on 📅 28/12/2020

BIOS and optimizations

| tags : Linux, VFIO, Virtualization, Tutorial, BIOS, #100DaysToOffload

The Machine! (virtual)

published on 📅 27/12/2020

Configuring your VM

| tags : Linux, VFIO, Tutorial, Virtualization, #100DaysToOffload

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