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The search for a Vi mode browser

published on 📅 23/09/2021

Trying out Nyxt in the search for a Vi mode browser.

| tags : Web, Browser, Vi, Nyxt, #100DaysToOffload

Miniflux + Wallabag + Android client = 👍

published on 📅 02/02/2021

Setting up Miniflux with Wallabag to read articles on my Android phone.

| tags : Linux, Miniflux, Wallabag, RSS, Android, #100DaysToOffload, Web

WTF is Gemini?

published on 📅 20/01/2021

WTF is Gemini? Really… is it just a fancy Gopher?

| tags : Web, Gopher, Gemini, Fancy, #100DaysToOffload

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